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IPv6 routes and RTPROT_*

To: netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: IPv6 routes and RTPROT_*
From: Antti Tuominen <ajtuomin@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 00:27:06 +0300 (EEST)
Sender: owner-netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Hello all,

I'm writing a routing protocol daemon and need to know which routes
are inserted by this daemon.  I use rtnetlink rtm_protocol with some
RTPROT_* value to mark the routes.

It seems that IPv6 stack returns a type but it's implicitly determined
from some flag values and is one of only RTPROT_BOOT, RTPROT_REDIRECT,
RTPROT_RA or RTPROT_KERNEL (linux/net/ipv6/route.c: rt6_fill_node()).

As far as I can tell linux does not store routing protocol value
(RTPROT_*) for IPv6 routes.  If I'm correct, why is it so?  



Antti J. Tuominen, JMT 3A 133, FIN-02150 Espoo, Finland.
Research assistant, TSE Institute at Helsinki University of Technology
work: ajtuomin@xxxxxxxxxx; home: tuominen@xxxxxx

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