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user's wishlist on ipv6 module

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Subject: user's wishlist on ipv6 module
From: uaca@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 14:27:06 +0200
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Hi all

first of all thank all of you for your contribution on GNU/Linux

Few days ago I wanted to add a host to the 6bone without having to reboot,
there were no problem, just compile the module, load, and configure... the
usual most times... 

I found that if you don't select ipv6 as a module when you compile the
kernel, the kernel will not export the needed symbols for ipv6... 

IMHO, it would be cool to have always exported that symbols if that not
causes a trouble.

Thanks for reading this

best wishes


PD: I'm not subscrived on this list

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