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RE: regarding Redundancy in TCP / IP Stack

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Subject: RE: regarding Redundancy in TCP / IP Stack
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Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 09:28:04 -0400
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Thread-topic: regarding Redundancy in TCP / IP Stack
Bjorn is correct.  You have to do a lot of work on your own.  I
posted questions regarding what I think is an exciting project -
a hardware TCP/IP stack in silicon that has to play nicely with
the existing Linux kernel stack - and received no replies from
the gurus. (Jim, don't mean to slight you any; your comments have
been valuable!)

One book that I have found to help in regards to the networking
layer is Linux Kernel Internals, Second Edition by Beck.  The ISBN
is 0-201-33143-8.  See chapter 8.

I plan on following up on Bjorn's links below.

Greg Parrott
Lucent Technologies

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Subject: Re: regarding Redundancy in TCP / IP Stack

Although David's response was somewhat harsh you have to understand that
this list consists mostly of people that do this on their spare time.
Moreover, Linux is based on people doing things freely and, therefore,
other people (newbies if you want) must be prepared to do a lot of work
themselves or pay for it (unless it's a project that is so exciting that
these gurus want to do just for the fun of it... ). Many people are
certainly prepared to do others work if they get a fair compensation for
their lost spare time.

However, as a recent newbie myself I agree that it could be quite
difficult to get the basics of the networking stack. Besides the actual
source code these links have helped me a lot

Perhaps other people could contribute other links. One that I certainly
would like to have is the link to the linux-hacker central where one can
get information of just about anything about linux hacking; perhaps
there is none. My experience is that this information is spread all over
the place and many "promising" links points to non-existent pages.

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