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Re: possible suggestion for within the Linux kernel

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Subject: Re: possible suggestion for within the Linux kernel
From: Sandy Harris <sandy@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 14:51:08 -0400
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Peter Bieshaar wrote:
> I got this email address from Alan Cox. I think I have a really great idea to
> implement into the Linux kernel.

I suspect some folks will want to see a patch before taking this seriously.
See Alan's essay:
for some discussion of the perils of great ideas without code.

> But can actually not find any place to talk with anybody about this. It is 
> about
> tcp_doors, a door equivalent like Solaris > 2.51 is using but then built onto 
> the
> tcp layer.

Can you give a summary of what this does, how and why? Or point to a web site 
such info?
> It will have great impact into a lot of OS stuff like mem mngmnt, IPC, 
> function,
> security, a lot of other exceptions and stack management to name a few.

Yes, but will the impact be positive? Or, since almost nothing (except 
outright design errors) has positive impact across the board, where do you 
to see improvement, and at what cost elsewhere?

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