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[ANN] 2nd STABLE release of USAGI Project

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Subject: [ANN] 2nd STABLE release of USAGI Project
From: USAGI Project <sekiya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 17:15:08 +0900
Organization: Keio University
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Hello !

We are glad that we can announce the 2nd STABLE RELEASE of USAGI
(UniverSAl playGround for Ipv6) on February 5th, 2001. On this
release, we provide only kernel, but two kernels. One is
linux-2.2.18-usagi kernel and the other is linux-2.4.0-usagi kernel.

The USAGI Project is managed by volunteers and aims to provide
better IPv6 environment on Linux freely. We try to improve Linux kernel,
IPv6 related libraries and IPv6 applications.

Please visit for further details of USAGI

The improved features are listed below.

- Linux kernel-2.2.18-usagi-20010205
        Based on Linux kernel-2.2.18, we have improved and impremented
                + better source address selection,
                + ICMPv6 Node Information Queries,
                + SNMP statistics per device,
                + IPv6 khttpd,
                + re-joining all-node multicast address on network devices,
                + enabling double bind on the same port,
                + support backward compatibility of sin6_scope_id with
                  old glibc,
                + enabling default route when ipv6 forwarding is enabled,
                + rejecting invalid ICMPs,
                + more compliance with RFC regarding
                        Neighbor Discovery Protocol,
                        Stateless Autoaddress Configuration,
                        Multicast Listener Discovery Protocol,
                + processing extension headers,
                + INSTALL and Configuration documentation and
                + bug fixes against original kernel.

- Linux kernel-2.4.0-usagi-20010205
        Based on Linux kernel-2.4.0, we have improved and implemented
        same as kernel-2.2.18-usagi-20010205.

You can get above source codes from the following URL.

USAGI Project will release snapshot codes on each two weeks and
stable codes on several times a year. We will announce latest information
via web page. Please check our web page.

BTW, we also provide the binary packages for some distributions. The binary
packages will appear after February 12th, 2001. We will provide the
packages for the following distribution.

        Turbo Linux
        Vine Linux
        Kondara/MNU Linux

By the way, we manage the mailing list for USAGI users. If you have 
questions or advices, please join the mailing list. For more details, 
please see .


Related Web sites.
        WIDE Project
        KAME Project
        TAHI Project

USAGI Project <>

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