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Re: Network statistics counters missing 'broadcasts'

To: Matti Aarnio <matti.aarnio@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Network statistics counters missing 'broadcasts'
From: Chris Wedgwood <cw@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 03:26:35 +1300
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On Wed, Jan 03, 2001 at 03:50:10PM +0200, Matti Aarnio wrote:

    A thing to think about.   This is IMO 2.5 time stuff.
    A generic network layer statistics thing is that there apparently
    is no counter for broadcasts, and thus usually multicasts and
    broadcasts do get folded into the same counter.
    Partly this is interface problem, as we can't very easily change the
    /proc/net/dev  file format which has device counters on one long
    line for each interface.  (When a change was done long while ago,
    it caused lots of "ifconfig is broken" email, as some of us may

IMO we can and should. A lot of stuff in /proc is ugly and
out-of-date for the current implementation of the kernel.

2.5.x is exactly the place to gratuitously break things in favor of
something better.

I guess early in 2.5.x would be a good time for this; I would suggest
people think _now_ of what could be improved or replaced and /proc so
we get as much done as early as possible in 2.5.x

FWIW: other OSs do this -- only it's easier for them because when you
upgrade their kernel; you generally upgrade all the support
infrastructure. Linux differs here and it is sometimes to it's


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