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Re: Adding of destination options in IPv6

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Subject: Re: Adding of destination options in IPv6
From: Stefan Schlott <stefan.schlott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 22:13:16 +0200
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> > and receiving; the same thing for forwarding would result in an "always
> > defragment" option, which would be somewhat "un-ip6-ish" :-)
> It is anti-ip4-ish with the same success. 8)

> My personal opinion is that current mobile IPv6 is one big piece
> of shit yet. 8)8) Piggibacking such options to data packets
> introduces no advantages, but lots of troubles.
It's even worse... I am working on IPsec ;-)
The solution you described seems to be the only possibility for the moment.
I am trying to calculate the size of the new headers, thus determining the
new ext_header_len. As a second step, I do my modifications in ip6_xmit/
A general interface for this work would be ugly, but at least there would
be an interface ;-)
Any comments?


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