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Bug Report

To: <netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Bug Report
From: "Peter Dettman" <peterd@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 15:20:25 +1000
Sender: owner-netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Here follows my first Linux bug report. I have tried to follow the
recommended layout and include all relevant info.,
but if there are more questions, feel free to get back to me at


[1.] One line summary of the problem:

Unhandled kernel paging request whilst running VNC server.

[2.] Full description of the problem/report:

This happens fairly often when I am running Xvnc, but only when the
VNC client is actually connected. Combine this with the stack trace info.
it looks like a problem with networking.

[3.] Keywords (i.e., modules, networking, kernel):

kernel, networking

[4.] Kernel version (from /proc/version):

2.2.14-5.0 ( RedHat 6.2 )

[5.] Output of Oops.. message (if applicable) with symbolic information
     resolved (see Documentation/oops-tracing.txt)

Options used: -V (default)
              -o /lib/modules/2.2.14-5.0/ (default)
              -k /proc/ksyms (default)
              -l /proc/modules (default)
              -m /usr/src/linux/ (default)
              -c 1 (default)

Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 00140098
current->tss.cr3 = 018c8000, %cr3 = 018c8000
*pde = 00000000
Oops: 0002
CPU:    0
EIP:    0010:[<c01113a7>]
EFLAGS: 00010002
eax: 00000000   ebx: 00000202   ecx: c2b67d74   edx: 00140098
esi: c2422090   edi: c2b67c40   ebp: c1723da8   esp: c1723dac
ds: 0018   es: 0018   ss: 0018
Process Xvnc (pid: 1298, process nr: 48, stackpage=c1723000)
Stack: c0166b83 c2b67d74 c110ad80 c2b67cf0 c2b67cf0 c2b67c40 c2b67cf0
       c2b67cf0 c014df8c c3fff980 00000008 c110ad80 c110a92c c016708b
       c110a900 c110ad80 00000008 00000001 00000001 c2b67cf0 c1723e78
Call Trace: [<c0166b83>] [<c014df8c>] [<c016708b>] [<c0162e6a>] [<c01716f0>]
[<c0169818>] [<c0171773>]
       [<c014ba20>] [<c01716f0>] [<c014bcb8>] [<c0125cdd>] [<c0153f86>]
[<c014fd75>] [<c0125e49>] [<c010a020>]
Code: 89 02 85 c0 74 03 89 50 04 b8 01 00 00 00 eb 03 90 31 c0 c7

>>EIP: c01113a7 <del_timer+13/3c>
Trace: c0166b83 <tcp_transmit_skb+3af/3dc>
Trace: c014df8c <skb_clone+18/94>
Trace: c016708b <tcp_write_xmit+197/1d8>
Trace: c0162e6a <tcp_do_sendmsg+802/850>
Trace: c01716f0 <inet_sendmsg+0/90>
Trace: c0169818 <tcp_v4_sendmsg+5c/68>
Trace: c0171773 <inet_sendmsg+83/90>
Trace: c014ba20 <sock_sendmsg+88/ac>
Code:  c01113a7 <del_timer+13/3c>              00000000 <_EIP>: <===
Code:  c01113a7 <del_timer+13/3c>                 0: 89 02
mov    %eax,(%edx) <===
Code:  c01113a9 <del_timer+15/3c>                 2: 85 c0
test   %eax,%eax
Code:  c01113ab <del_timer+17/3c>                 4: 74 03                je
c01113b0 <del_timer+1c/3c>
Code:  c01113ad <del_timer+19/3c>                 6: 89 50 04
mov    %edx,0x4(%eax)
Code:  c01113b0 <del_timer+1c/3c>                 9: b8 01 00 00 00
mov    $0x1,%eax
Code:  c01113b5 <del_timer+21/3c>                 e: eb 03
jmp     c01113ba <del_timer+26/3c>
Code:  c01113b7 <del_timer+23/3c>                10: 90
Code:  c01113b8 <del_timer+24/3c>                11: 31 c0
xor    %eax,%eax
Code:  c01113ba <del_timer+26/3c>                13: c7 00 00 00 00 00
movl   $0x0,(%eax)

[6.] A small shell script or example program which triggers the
     problem (if possible)

I am running VNC server v3.3.3r1 on Linux (Xvnc) and connecting to it
from a Windows VNC client v3.3.3r2. The actual crash is of course a little
unpredictable, but I have only seen it when the client was actually

[7.] Environment
[7.1.] Software (add the output of the ver_linux script here)

Linux devnull 2.2.14-5.0 #10 Tue May 16 15:34:25 EST 2000 i586 unknown
Kernel modules         2.3.10-pre1
Gnu C                  egcs-2.91.66
Linux C Library        2.1.3
Dynamic linker         ldd (GNU libc) 2.1.3
Procps                 2.0.6
Mount                  2.10f
Net-tools              1.54
Console-tools          0.3.3
Sh-utils               2.0
Modules Loaded         lockd sunrpc de4x5

[7.2.] Processor information (from /proc/cpuinfo):

processor : 0
vendor_id : GenuineIntel
cpu family : 5
model : 2
model name : Pentium 75 - 200
stepping : 12
cpu MHz : 133.639029
fdiv_bug : no
hlt_bug : no
sep_bug : no
f00f_bug : yes
coma_bug : no
fpu : yes
fpu_exception : yes
cpuid level : 1
wp : yes
flags : fpu vme de pse tsc msr mce cx8
bogomips : 53.25

[7.3.] Module information (from /proc/modules):

lockd                  31592   1 (autoclean)
sunrpc                 53540   1 (autoclean) [lockd]
de4x5                  41268   1 (autoclean)

[7.4.] SCSI information (from /proc/scsi/scsi)


[7.5.] Other information that might be relevant to the problem
       (please look in /proc and include all information that you
       think to be relevant):

The box has a single PCI network card, with 'SMC' emblazoned on it;
the chips say 'Digital'. The driver that RedHat selected for it was 'de4x5'.
There might be a mismatch here, but I've had no networking problems apart
from this.

[X.] Other notes, patches, fixes, workarounds:

VNC is available for free download from

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