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Re: RFC: PPP over X

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Subject: Re: RFC: PPP over X
From: Richard Sharpe <sharpe@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 02:09:02 +1000
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my remarks here nodoubt come out of left field, and are not related to any
of the original discussion, but in the Ethereal Team, we have a problem
with PPP over serial ports.

The problem is that we do not get to see any of the PPP 'frames', we only
see IP datagrams.

If there is a rewrite or big changes coming for 2.3, has any thought been
given to providing a way to inject raw frames into the appropriate places
in the kernel so libpcap can capture them, and thus we can see them in

I hope that this is not too far off from your interests.

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