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Re: source address selection

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Subject: Re: source address selection
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Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 18:56:02 +0300 (MSK)
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In-reply-to: <19991229105448.C10337@wiget> from "Artur Frysiak" at Dec 29, 99 10:54:49 am
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> I give one real example:
> I use zebra as routing daemons. My machine has 2 IPv6 address at eth1 
> (internal
> LAN). I must set both address as neighbor in BGP4+ config in other machine in 
> LAN 
> to get zebra to work. If I may select source address then I may set only one 
> neighbor.

zebra, sets source address _itself_ without help from kernel.
Actually, routing daemons _must_ not use any automatic selection at all.

If Zebra really does not bind() its sockets, it is strongly broken.
Check this, and if it is the case, report to Kunihiro.


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