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=Reply Needed, to let my assignment get done.=

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Subject: =Reply Needed, to let my assignment get done.=
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Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 15:59:10 -0800 (GMT-08:00)
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Obadigu Osita
A1 Close, Flt 14. 
Festac Town 

Good Day,

My name is  Obadigu Osita, secretary of the Golden club/society  of the St 
Michael Catholic Charismatic Renewal 231b Ahmadubello Way Victoria Island 
Lagos, i was assigned to contact you by an elder in my club who is presently 
out of town, he explained to me about your goodness, he said 
because he did not forgot you're past efforts and attempts to assist him on one 
business some time despite that it failed some how. but your step made lead to 
his success under the cooperation of a new partner from Europe/India. so he 
sounded to me at the Airport when he was about checking inside the plane for 
He is presently in Europe, Indian for big time oil investment projects, but 
before he traveled, he dropped a gift and assigned me to hand over the total of 
$800.000.00 which he kept for your compensation for all the past efforts, of 
which you are to after let him know immediately you 
receive ($800.000.00) so that joy can be sheared together..
Following the instruction given to me,  i other not to hand over your 
gift/compensation ($800.000.00) to a wrong hand, i will like you to mail back 
to me on receipt of this mail, for confirmation before handing over the 
gift/compensation ( $800.000.00 ).

So feel free and respond back to me at oba_osi1963@xxxxxxxxx and i will do as i 
have been instructed without any delay.

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