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Re: Module support

To: "Matt D. Robinson" <yakker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <lkcd@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Module support
From: "Masashige Kotani" <m-kotani@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 20:22:03 +0900
References: <F13508319A1CD41187DE00508BACED6A020673AD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <20010717113618I.j-kondo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <3B5552DF.1040103@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <016301c11e62$26abb4e0$a04817ac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <3B6EDA91.8C8F07F9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sender: owner-lkcd@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Masashige Kotani wrote:
> > Hello.
> > I am a Jyunji's co-worker too.
> > I am making a new command for module support of lkcd as in the above
> Hi, Masashige-san.  I have no problems including this into the tree,
> as long as it isn't conflicting with Andreas' work, and it can be
> packaged nicely together.  The conflict issue is just to make sure
> multiple LKCD developers are working on the same page.  I'm all for
> the right thing going into the code base regardless, I just don't
> want to see conflicts in the way the work is completed.

lkcd_ksyms and symtab subcommand has the overlapped function (use the nm
command), and it becomes unnecessary to use symtab.

I think debugging that will becomes easy, if it uses with lkcd_ksyms
reproducing the module command and /proc/ksyms reproducing /proc/modules.

> The other thing I need to know is that you
> are releasing this code under the GPL.  Your copyright is included,
> which is fine, but I need to know that this code is GPL'd before
> I can include it into the LKCD source tree.

There is no probrem to apply GPL to this code.

> Also, can I call this 'lkcd_ksyms'?  I'd like to use that name instead
> of lcd_ksyms, for consistency with the package name.

I agree entirely. Please call it 'lkcd_ksyms'.

> Otherwise, I can include this into the tree tonight.
> BTW, I'm almost done with the next revision of the patch (3.2), which
> has the dump_silence_system()/dump_resume_system(), changes to include
> gzip support, and a matching lkcdutils-3.2.  I'm going to bump up the
> revision of lkcdutils to match that of the kernel patch.  That way we
> have some more consistency with what is compatible with what.
> There are some big changes going into LKCD 3.2 to change tunable names,
> to allow for expandability for future enhancements.
> Are people reviewing the source tree?  If so, I'll check my intermediate
> changes in for now so people can review them.
> Thanks!
> --Matt



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