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module traceback

To: lkcd@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: module traceback
From: Dave Craft <dcraft@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 16:42:09 -0600 (CST)
Sender: owner-lkcd@xxxxxxxxxxx
        On the i386 linux version of lkcd I'm attempting to 
        figure out how to get tracebacks for modules on a live

        What I've tried is merging the map produced from
        insmod of my module with the and doing 'bt' on 
        a task that I know is blocked in the module's code.

        From what I can tell the lkcd code can successfully
        find the correct symbol table entry correlating to 
        function addresses in the stack frame (for both
        kernel and module functions) but it can't successfully  
        read the physical page address where the modules instructions
        are found.

        For instance in the top frame lkcd subtracts c0000000 from 
        0xc0112b12 ("c0112750 T schedule" in the
        and reads /dev/mem at offset 0x112750 to validate the 
        instructions therein.  Thus I get a successful starting
        point of "schedule".

        However when it finds one of the modules functions
        in the traceback (c8834d78 T foo), it subtracts 0xc0000000
        and attempts to read /dev/mem at offset 0x8834d78.

        This fails with a KLE_INVALID_READ.

        I believe it fails since /dev/mem is only giving me
        physical memory pages and that offset (142822776)
        is larger than the machines physical memory.

        So is there some function (other than subtracting
        0xc0000000) needed in order to find the physical 
        page for a kernel modules text segment?  

        Example lkcd output:
>> bt c0cda000
STACK TRACE FOR TASK: 0xc0cda000(foo)

 0 schedule+962 [0xc0112b12]
TRACE ERROR 0x800000000

        Many thanks.
        Dave Craft
        --------- Opinions are mine and not IBM's ----------
        Mail : dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx      Phone : 512-838-8248            

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