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kgdb and 2.2.14-5 from RH 6-2.

To: kgdb@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: kgdb and 2.2.14-5 from RH 6-2.
From: Douglas Kilpatrick <dougk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 19:42:25 -0500 (EST)
Sender: owner-kgdb@xxxxxxxxxxx
First the easy stuff:


The patch reads:

+               if (!strcmp(line,"gdbttyS=")) {
+                       gdb_ttyS = simple_strtoul(line+8,NULL,10);
+                       continue;
+               }
+               if (!strcmp(line,"gdbbaud=")) {
+                       gdb_baud = simple_strtoul(line+8,NULL,10);
+                       continue;
+               }

Those are, of course, supposed to be:
                if (!strncmp(line,"gdbttyS=",8)) {

Also, since going into the debugger at any arbitrary point is usefull
I added a few lines to sysrq.c.  Sorry this isn't in patch format but
I'm trying to do module development not kernel development and so don't
have a clean copy of kernel source to diff.

Anyway, at line 31, after the CONFIG_APM section:

extern int gdb_hook(void);

and at line 141, after the case 'l' section:

        case 'g':

Now for the more fundamental issue:

Attaching to the debugger appears to work, but as soon as I continue from 
gdb, the system Oops', then panics and locks.  Things never get sent back
into gdb, and it crashes too quickly for syslog to write out the oops message
so I don't know what the stack looks like yet.

This happens if I attach at boot or via sysctl, so I'm pretty sure its not
something I've done.  If it matters, I can provide my .config, but basically
its a RH6.2 stock (as if) kernel with SCSI/sound/RAID/stuff I don't need
removed, and the kgdb0.2-2.2.12 patch applied. (Minus the root-level makefile
changes that somehow made it into the RH 2.2.14 kernel)

Any ideas?  Anyone seen this before?

Will crash Linux for food.

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