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From: Mr Godwin OGUDU <godwinoguduo46@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 19:27:54 +0100
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Mr Godwin OGUDU
TEL.00229 97 65 62 72
Good Day Sir/Ma.
 I do not have another means of communicating with you; this is why I   forward 
to you this email. In fact we are looking for your personal  assistance in 
respect of representation in your country, first of all  , you will  represent 
our personal interest in negotiation with  (Companies  orPrivate 
Enterprises,ONG, etc) who is looking for  financing  assistance or loans  for  
their projects. We have a enough capital necessary for  the achievements of 
their projects. We need Europeans partners,  American partners, Asia  partners, 
Arabians partners including  African  partners who is looking for loan or 
financing  assistance as joints venture  to their projects we are ready  to 
assist financially at any level in  condition that you will begiving  us 5% of 
Benefit each year.
 Respect of representation of our projects in your country,  we ensure you that 
when devote your self to represent us in your county  for the negotiation with 
the clients that need financing assistance for  their projects, we will then 
transfer some funds to your personal account for the creating or opening a new 
company of (Micro Finance), we   will give you  full right to discuss with all 
the customers to allow you to resolve   the funds of which  the customers will 
need for their projects  provided that you will visit  us and have face to face 
meet also sign one or two document that will   permit us to realise the whole 
funds needed for this projects here in Cotonou - Republic of Benin. So that, 
after having face to face  meeting  and to sign some documents with the 
assistance of our Lawyer in the  High  Court of Justice of  Cotonou - Republic 
of Benin , we can then  realise all the funds by  transferring the funds to 
your account for the  opening of company and also for !
 the realization of the project.
The following our qualifications a representative need to have to   enable us 
qualify him or her. You most have at list one of the following  qualifications 
listed bellowed:
- To be a responsible and trusted person.
- A staff in Government or Organisation (worker).
- Personality of an important station within the government of its country.
- Landed Properties or Real Estate Owner (House owner)
As soon as we receive your reply we will forward you our procedure, also send 
you a form to fill.  Please your reply is needed as soon as you  receive this 
message. Also you can take a look for the following project we do  finance: 
Association, (ONG), Importer & Exporter, Private business Man even  for the 
Purchasers of GOLD or Diamond etc
We inform you that we are to financially lie out to contribute for the 
realization of the projects. Each client that need finance assistance  must 
provide us the necessary following:
-1) to specify the kind of project and the period for the realization of the 
project (Month, year)
-2) Forward your name and addresses complete (telephone/fax) for facility 
-3) forward the photocopy of your passport international or national  identity 
card for facility identification of your file.  Once your request for financing 
is granted, you are advise to start up your preparations to arrive here in 
republic of Benin in order to sign an agreement with us before we transfer the 
funds your personal  account for the achievements of projects.
Thanks for your co-operation.
GOD bless.
Mr Godwin OGUDU
TEL.00229 97 65 62 72

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