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RE: Asia Mutual Business Relationshipââ

To: kdb@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Asia Mutual Business Relationship‏‏
From: Wen Liang Xiong <xiongwenhk@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 12:06:13 -0700
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Good Day, My Names are Wen Liang Xiong Am from Hong Kong, am a Chinese . My
apology I am contacting you through email; it is because it serves as the
fastest and more convenient way to get to you. Am in search of a strong
business relationship and partner for business project.

I got your email base on your name search from a list of complete directory
database record.First, I need to seek your consent before I proceed.This
project involves a huge specific amount I can't mention here for security
reasons. It involves a transaction from my bank in Hong Kong, as a
Chinese,we are bound by laws here.

If you feel you can have this handled or give a thought to this, kindly let
me know, in order for me to send you an attached complete comprehensive
details of this transaction.

Wen Liang Xiong

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