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Re: ls or cat support on kdb prompt

To: RamBhagat Gupta <rambhagat@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: ls or cat support on kdb prompt
From: Keith Owens <kaos@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 10:16:22 +1000
Cc: kdb@xxxxxxxxxxx
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On Thu, 2 Sep 2004 00:33:04 +0100 (BST), 
=?iso-8859-1?q?RamBhagat=20Gupta?= <rambhagat@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Hi All,
>Does anyone have any idea if there is support for
>ls/cat  at kdb prompt. This would have been useful to
>look for logs or configuration files without having to
>reboot the machine. I was checking kdb version 4.4 for
>linux kernel 2.6.8 but found only support for dmesg.
>Is there some patch available for it?

No, and there never will be.  When kdb is in control, the system is
completely stopped.  No interrupts, no I/O, nothing moves.  That is the
only safe way to debug a kernel, especially when you are debugging a
filesystem problem.

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