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What's Happening in Seattle this Week

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Celebration: Bruce Luce Carries On the Torch, July 18-20th, cost varies.  Seems that every teenage boy has mimicked Bruce's moves in Fists of Fury and Enter the Dragon with their own high-pitched screaming, flying karate chops, and launches off the couch.  This group refocuses attention on Bruce's philosophies and teachings, instead of Bruce the movie icon.  Bruce's widow, daughter, and former students kick (no pun intended) the festivities off.  Events include a limited preview night, instructor summit, community meeting, anniversary exhibit, screening of Enter the Dragon, and a cemetery memorial and celebrity luncheon.

Social: Seattle Anti-Freeze Bash, July 19th, $34+.  The old yarn about Seattle is, it's difficult to meet people and make new friends; we're famously frosty to each other.  This group breaks through the icy crust by hosting events forcing us to mingle.  For this event, they rent the boat, serve lunch, and take a spin around the lake.  You get to see Bill Gate's house from the water again.

Plants: Carnivores of the Plant World, July 19th, by donation.  It's not like the man-eating plants in sci-fi movies, but it's still pretty darn cool.  Learn about meat eating plants, watch carnivore feeding demonstrations, and participate in the question-and-answer session.  Then, go buy a Venus flytrap to eat up those pesky summer flies.

Opera: Bravo Season Kick-Off Party, July 17th, $10.  Those swanky young professionals at Bravo kick off the new opera season with a little soirée.  Hear about the upcoming of the new season with the young artists, and you may even be tempted to subscribe. 

Real Estate: Q&A with Attorney General Rob McKenna, July 24th, $15.  The state's top enforcer discusses the Distressed Property Law, among other laws, of interest to real estate investors.  What was once a simple bill has became larded with complication, so the attorney general discusses his enforcement priorities.

Spiritual: Walk the Labyrinth, July 19th, free, but must pay with positive karma.  Usually, a labyrinth is a complex trap to get out of, but here, they convert it into a spiritual tool, to help you walk in harmony with nature, both with the planet and with your heart.  Apparently, this involves mediation, imagery of some sort of circle, and a spiral for meandering.  This all sounds like a pretty good mental trip.

Treats: Chocolate and Wine, July 24th, $30, for a good summer activity.  The town of Issaquah holds a little party celebrating the quaintness of its little city with jazz, chocolates, and wine.  Actually, pairing wine with chocolate is as predictable as wine & cheese.  Somebody with some imagination should come up with something else, like a wine & salami sticks, or wine & flavored popcorn.

Business: Take Charge of Your Go-To-Market Skills, July 23rd, $55.  Business doesn't happen until something is sold.  This meeting reviews how to launch a product, to introduce your great service or product to the market.  Learn specific steps to go from vision to action.

Dancing: Outdoor Dancing, starting July 17th, free.  Our good city government is hosting outside dancing for the summer.  Each night begins with a one-hour lesson, followed by two hours of dancing.  On deck are blues, swing, salsa, zydeco, line dancing, waltz, and country western.

Group: Seattle Mobile, more of a networking group for those who are involved in, or are interested, in mobile technologies.  Usually, it's attended by entrepreneurs, developers, and investors from the mobile marketplace.  Not sure if you should hug or smack these folks.  For everyone who's felt the dichotomy of the freedom of, and being shackled by, a cell phone, well, this group wants to foster even more always-with-you technology, no matter where you happen to go.

Antique Political Vitriol:
It seems like every political season, the comments get a bit more nastier, and that we loose a bit more of our humanity.  Turns out acerbic political comments are nothing new.  Here's what the founding fathers said of each other:

...and as to you, sire, treacherous in private friendship...and a hypocrite in public life, the world will be puzzled to decide whether you are an apostate or an imposter, whether you have abandoned good principals, of whether you ever had? - Thomas Paine to George Washington.

The moral character of Jefferson was repulsive.  Continually puling about liberty, equality and the degrading curse of slavery, he brought his own children to the hammer, and money of his debaucheries. -  Alexander Hamilton.

It has been the political career of this man to being with hypocrisy, proceed with arrogance, and finish with contempt. - Thomas Paine on John Adams.

I never thought him an honest, frank-dealing man, but considered him as a crooked gun,...whose aim or shot you could never be sure of. - Thomas Jefferson on Aaron Burr.

He is vain, irritable, and a bad calculator of the force and probable effect of the motives which govern men. - Thomas Jefferson on John Adams.

 Cool Video: This is great - the dudes on Mythbusters launch a waterheater by closing off the pressure release valve, and then by heating the water in the tank. 

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