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How does ZipSearch! Generate Hot Prospects?

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Subject: How does ZipSearch! Generate Hot Prospects?
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Date: 15 Nov 2007 13:12:24 -0500
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Searching for a truly quality borrower generation company?

ZipSearch! helps MTG agents capture and close more MTG business through delivering data-verified, real-time leadz.

We have over a decade of online prospect generation experience.

?    Limited to 5 brokers per state and line of business
?    Maximum of 2 captive agents per state and line of business
?    Close more leadz and work faster with our complimentary, easy to use lead management system
?    No incentivized marketing
?    Over a decade of online lead generation experience
?    Competitive pricing
?    No set-up fees
?    No long-term commitments

Ready for a new plan to generate prospects and write more business?

Click Here to contact an account manager now to get started

How does ZipSearch! Generate Hot Prospects?

Our key to generating quality Internet leadz is our search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. When someone enters mtg-related terms into popular search engines (like Google and Yahoo!), our websites appear in the top natural rankings and paid listings.

ZipSearch!?s network of websites are designed specifically to help consumers connect with mtg brokers. Once a consumer completes a request for a mtg quote we instantly verify the data and deliver it to you. You can even set additional filters to help you target your prospects.

We don?t want to waste one minute of your time. We target only those consumers who are already on the web and are ready to discuss their MTG needs.

Want to learn more?

Click Here or call 866 713 3781 and a representative will assist you.


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