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Yahoo! Groups: You're invited! Join WORLD-SCIENCE-newsletter today.

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Subject: Yahoo! Groups: You're invited! Join WORLD-SCIENCE-newsletter today.
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Date: 9 Jan 2008 07:05:35 -0000
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This invitation expires in 30 days. Wednesday, 9 January 2008 - 7:05 AM UTC
science-news@xxxxxxxx has invited you to join the WORLD-SCIENCE-newsletter group!

We'd like to offer you a free subscription to a new email newsletter that contains some of the world's most exciting science news and photos -- often long before they're in the papers. The WORLD SCIENCE newsletter comes out approximately every 3-10 days and presents the top science news in an understandable way. People of all backgrounds, from Nobel Prize-winning scientists to students, subscribe to World Science.

A few stories that appeared first in World Science the past few months:

* Monkeys found to "baby talk" young
* For first time, planet outside our Solar System judged possibly habitable
* Human evolution speeding up drastically, researchers say
* Genes may help predict infidelity, study finds

The subscription will be free for as long as you desire it. Canceling the subscription will also be easy at any time. Your email will not be shared with or sold to anyone.

Just send an email to this exact address:
Type the word "join" anywhere in the subject line. If you have another email address where you'd prefer us to send the newsletter, send us the email from that address.

(It is also possible to join by clicking the gray button below, but following the instructions above is better for prompt receipt of the newsletter.) We don't plan on emailing you again; but if you wish to make absolutely sure of this, send an email to "science@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" with "remove" in the subject line.

Best wishes,
World Science News
P.0. Box 61
New York City, NY 10028

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