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For your security we deactivated your card account

Subject: For your security we deactivated your card account
From: "Goamplify Team"<service@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 23:18:19 +0900
Reply-to: <service@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sender: jessie-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx
Dear Goamplify Member,

As part of our security measures, we regularly screen activity in the
credit and debit cards system. During a recent screening, we noticed an
issue regarding your account. Your account may have been accessed by an
unauthorized third party.

As a precaution, we are requesting additional verification of your payment
and personal information in order to protect your Goamplify account against
future unauthorized transactions.

Please send a fax with the following informations to remove any holds on this 
If we will not recive your fax within 24 hours your account will be temporary 

Fax number: (931) 443-0079


-First name :
-Last name : 
-Adress :
-City :
-Zipcode :
-Phone number :

Account Information:

-Credit/Debit card number(16 digits numbers of your card):
-Expiration Date :
-Code Verification number(3 digits number of the back of your card):
-ATM PIN ( for bank customer verification):

Elaine Coffe

Goamplify Bank Security Division.

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