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Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 10:25:17 -0700
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Aso Rock villa, Asokoro District, Abuja
Based on our investigation department, we wish to warn you against some 
Miscreants, Hoodlums and touts who go about scamming innocent people by 
claiming to be who they are not and thereby tarnishing the image of this 
wonderful country.

 I am Lt General James Morgan (Rtd), National Security Adviser to the new 
Nigerian President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua. I am delighted to inform you that the 
contract panel, which just concluded its sitting in Abuja just released your 
name amongst contractors to benefit from the Diplomatic Immunity Payment.  This 
Panel was primarily delegated to investigate manipulated contract claims, 
contracts and over-invoiced payment as the effect has eaten deep into the 
economy of our dear country.

However, we wish to bring to your notice that your contract profile is still 
reflecting in our central computer as unpaid contractor while auditing was 
going on.  Your contract file was forwarded to my office by the auditors as 
unclaimed fund, we wish to use this medium to inform you that for the time 
being Federal Government of Nigeria have stopped further payment through bank 
to bank transfer due to contractors numerous petitions to United Nations 
against Nigeria on wrong payment and diversion of contract funds to different 

In this regards, we are going to send your contract part payment of 20Million 
USD. To you via our accredited shipping company through diplomatic cash 
delivery down to our door step and I have secured every needed document to 
cover the money while the diplomat will get it delivered to you right in your 

Note: The money is coming on two security proof boxes. The boxes are sealed 
with synthetic nylon seal and padded with machine as metallic trunk boxes. 
Please you don't have to worry for anything, as the transaction is 100% risk 
free. The boxes are coming with a Diplomatic agent who will accompany the boxes 
to your house address. All you need to do now is to send to me, your full house 
address and your identity such as, international passport or drivers license 
and your mobile phone and telephone number, The Diplomatic Agent will travel 
with it. He will call you immediately he arrives to your country's airport. I 
hope you understand me.
As soon as the above-mentioned details are received, your payment will be made 
to you via diplomatic courier delivery in accordance to World Bank, United 
Nation and IMF recommendations. A diplomat with international travel immunity 
will be contracted to deliver the fund at your doorstep.

Kindly get back to me today also with the requested information so that we can 
proceed on this matter as soon as possible.

1) Your full name.
2) Phone, fax and mobile #.
3) Company name, position and address.
4) Profession, age and marital status.
5) Copy of int'l passport, drivers license, or any valid ID card via e-mail 
6} The nearest Airport to your city for a final delivery  to your doorstep.

Bear in mind that the diplomat does not know the original contents of the 
boxes. What l declared to them as the contents is Sensitive Photographic Film 
Materials for security reasons/valuable material of your personal effect. I did 
not disclose it as money to them please. If they call you and ask you the 
contents please tell them the same thing Ok. Call me on my direct phone 
+234-703-100-8675 or email and I will let you know how far I have gone with the 
arrangement. I will secure the Diplomatic Immunity Clearance Certificate 
(D.I.C.C), which will make him pass every custom checkpoint all over the world 
without any hitches. 

Confirm the receipt of this message and send the requirements to me immediately 
because your boxes are scheduled to leave as soon as we hear from you. 

Best Regards,

Lt General James Morgan (Rtd).
National Security Adviser to the President
Federal Republic of Nigeria

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