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Re: Inventor windows port rendering problems

To: Fotios Hadginikos <F.Hadginikos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, info-inventor@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Inventor windows port rendering problems
From: Gerd Hesina <hesina@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 14:06:57 +0100
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At 20:56 18.01.01 +0000, Fotios Hadginikos wrote:
I have managed to compile and link the win32 port of Open Inventor.

Everything works fine the first time but when the window gets updated
(i.e. by anumating the scene or reseizing the window) I lose the lights
(I think).

For example when a single sphere is used when the program is initially
run, the sphere appears normal. When I resize the window (or minimise and
restore it). Only the outline of the sphere remains (Like I am drawing a
sphere with no lights enabled...).

I am using GLUT for opening the window...

Can anybody help? Have you seen something similar happening?


I've received the following note about a glut example.
Perhaps it's useful for you....
BTW: If you want to use GLUT in conjunction with OpenInventor
try GlutMaster.
A link is provided at

Kind regards,
Gerd Hesina

From: frode.brandt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: hesina@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 08:10:37 +0100
Subject: OpenInventor for windows - BUG!

Just surfed by and found the OIV-page of yours
You've got a link to a glut-sample from SIM there, though this
sample has a bug in it.. (at least if you try compiling it using TGS OIV)
The sphere get whiter and whiter for each frame......
But if you change
SoGroup * root[SCENEWINDOWS];
SoSeparator * root[SCENEWINDOWS];
etc, it works just great!
I've informed Morten Eriksen at SIM about this problem....
Keep up the great work!!

Best Regards,

Frode Brandt - Development engineer (MSc)
Company: Kongsberg Simrad A/S
Department: Hydrography
Phone direct: +47 33 02 38 69
Fax: +47 33 04 44 24
Email: frode.brandt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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