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TAKE inventor: Various changes:

To: info-inventor-cvs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: TAKE inventor: Various changes:
From: Jonathan Lim <jlim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 17:45:49 -0700
Sender: owner-info-inventor-cvs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Commit by jlim on Mon Sep 24 17:45:48 PDT 2001 of files:
inventor/lib/nodekits/src/upgraders SoV1NkCatalog.c++ SoV1NkParts.c++
Update of /oss/CVS/cvs/inventor/lib/nodekits/src/upgraders
In directory

Modified Files:
        SoV1NkCatalog.c++ SoV1NkParts.c++ 
Log Message:
Various changes:

  * Fixed Bug 63 and 64.

  * Handled nonstandard sed location.

  * Used for-loop in man page install.

  * Included casts for 64-bit builds.

  * Added placeholder for FreeBSD options.

  * Included unistd.h for getopt() and stdlib.h for malloc().

  * Implemented SoText[23] workaround for glibc-2.2.* iconv().

  * Split long lines in SoHandleBoxDraggerGeom.h and
    SoTransformerDraggerGeom.h in lib/interaction/src/draggers/geom.

  * Added IV_NO_OVERLAYS/OIV_NO_OVERLAYS variables to disable overlay planes.

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