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Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 18:54:42 -0500
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PayPal September 2007

TKO NOTICE: Compromised Accounts - PayPal Registration Suspension

In an effort to protect your PayPal account security, we have suspended your
account until such time that it can be safely restored to you. We have taken
this action because your password may have been compromised. Sometimes this
happens when members respond to an email asking for personal information.
Although those emails appear to come from Paypal, they are really sent by people
attempting to gain access to your account. Although we cannot disclose our
investigative procedures that led to this conclusion, please know that we took
this action in order to maintain the safety of your account.

Please change the password that you use on the EMAIL account that you have
registered to your PayPal account. Make sure that it is also different from the
password that you use on your PayPal account. By doing this we can ensure that you
are the only one that can access any further communication we may have with you.

Once you have taken steps to secure your email, please login and restore access
to your account.

Restore Now

Programs that block pop-up windows may prevent you from accessing in restore page.
If this is the case, you may be able to temporarily disable the program or
configure the program to allow pop-ups on the PayPal site in order to use restore

If you are unable to contact PayPal restore page after taking these steps,
respond directly to this message to request assistance. We will contact you by
email after we have received your response.

Please be aware that there may be a delay in responses sent by email. In order
to handle your concern as quickly and efficiently as possible, we encourage you
to contact us through Live Help if you are able to do so.

SafeHarbor Department
PayPal Inc.
To modify your notification preferences, log in to your PayPal account, click the Profile sub-tab, then click the Notifications link under Account Information. Changes may take up to 10 days to be reflected in our mailings. PayPal will not sell or rent any of your personally identifiable information to third parties. https://www.paypal.com.

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