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Re: [fam] Max number of inodes?

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Subject: Re: [fam] Max number of inodes?
From: "Rusty Ballinger" <rusty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 01:00:28 -0800
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In-reply-to: Atif Ghaffar <aghaffar@xxxxxxxxxxxx> "[fam] Max number of inodes?" (Feb 26, 5:07pm)
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> These are from /var/log/messages (after I start monitoring and trigger
> and event such as delete a file)
> node2:/usr/src/linux # Feb 26 17:34:00 node2 fam[24076]: imon event
> received by fam built without imon support... tell fam@xxxxxxxxxxx to
> fix this!
> Feb 26 17:34:00 node2 inetd[726]: /usr/local/bin/fam: exit signal 0x6

Just to make sure... did you build your own version of fam on a box
which didn't have imon at the time?  If so, it won't have found the
kernel header it needs for building imon support, so it will have been
built without imon support.  ("then it shouldn't have opened /dev/imon,
right?"  Yeah, well...  at least this way you know you *could* be using
imon if you rebuild fam, rather than polling on a system which has imon.)

Anyway, if that's the problem, try rebuilding fam.  (You might have to
remove config.cache first, and re-run the configure script, and then make.)
If the configure test which checks for imon.h fails, it should print out a
big warning message.

If you didn't build your own version of fam, or you know you built it
with imon support, then something else is the problem. :)


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