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Re: cdwriting using IDE under devfs?

To: Tom Zerucha <tz@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: cdwriting using IDE under devfs?
From: Richard Gooch <rgooch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 17:56:29 -0600
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Tom Zerucha writes:
> On Mon, Jun 26, 2000 at 10:45:45PM -0600, Richard Gooch wrote:
> > Tom Zerucha writes:
> > > I am using 2.4.0test1-ac22 and can't seem to find the right
> > > combination to get my cdwriter to appear as a scsi drive.
> > > 
> > > Any one do this (with devfs on earlier kernels)?
> > 
> > Did this work before or not?
> This is the first time I've tried it with devfs + linux 2.4.0test1
> The no-devfs 2.4.0test1 worked (see below)
> > If you load the sg driver, your device should appear under the
> > /dev/scsi hierarchy. Does it?
> It doesn't thought it appears it wants to load something.
> I have all my IDE devices as modules (yes, ide-mod.o ide-probe-mod.o
> ide-disk.o ide-cd.o and ide-scsi.o).  There does seem to be some
> operational problems depending on the order of the modules - you need
> ide-cd, ide-probe, and ide-scsi in that order.
> Actually it seemed to work - I say seemed because as I was trying it
> last night, (you get the messages when probing ide-scsi), but I got a
> kernel panic.  I have modified modules.conf to use ide-scsi for the
> scsi controller card but I don't know if that is right or not.  I
> wasn't getting this far without a bus controller card, but it kpanics.
> Normally it simply says scsi: 1 host a lot (for each probe in cdrecord
> -scanbus) - it found the CDs this time.
> Part of it might still be the IDE driver, but I think the devfs
> load-unload is interacting with that in some way.

IIRC, the IDE drivers will "steal" devices if you load them before
ide-scsi. So try loading ide-scsi first.

Also, if you do get a kernel panic, send in the report (after running
through ksymoops). It may or may not be a devfs problem: I'd need to
see the stack trace to get some idea.


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