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RE: [draft] Hotswap and Linux

To: "Dunlap, Randy" <randy.dunlap@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: [draft] Hotswap and Linux
From: Richard Gooch <rgooch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 23:13:36 -0600
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Randy Dunlap writes:
> Hi Johannes,
> I'm replying to your original posting.
> I know that Richard G. replied with some comments &
> changes, but I haven't looked at his comments in any
> detail, so some of mine may be repeats (or conflicts)
> with his.  Lots of these changes are just typos.

I just had a quick glance at your comments, and I still have nits to
pick ;-)

> > 6.2.1 Minimal code duplication
> > 
> ...
> > 
> > This also minimizes the impact into unswappable kernel memory 
> EDIT:                           s/into/to/

Actually, that should read: "minimises the impact on unswappable...".

> > 6.4.1 USB and Logical Function to Physical Device Association
> > 
> > Using a design from David Hinds (maintainer of the Linux 
> > PCMCIA code) I
> > propose we create a generic ioctl() interface which can be used to
> > retrieve physical device data for a given logical device. 
> > This data will
> EDIT:      s/will/will be/

Should be: "These data will be...".



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