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Re: Availability

To: Erik Jacobson <erikj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Availability
From: Jay Lan <jlan@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 10:29:45 -0700
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Our current published 2.4 patchset for pagg/job/csa is at 2.4.26.
Please let us know if these patches causes conflict and are not
obvious to fix, we will release the patchset for 2.4.27.

The csa 2.1.x rpm works with 2.4.2.[25,26] kernel patchset as
well as with 2.6 kernel patches.

You can get job patch from the same place as the pagg patch.

Although pagg and job can stand alone as Erik stated, CSA needs
to have pagg and job kernel patches and the job rpm to be fully

A word on 2.6 CSA kernel. I broke the single 2.4 CSA kernel patches
into several pieces. We tried to integrate the accounting data
collection in the area of I/O and MM into general accounting so that
people using BSD, ELSA or CSA can all benefit. Keep in mind that
the 2.4 CSA patch is still in the one big piece form.

 - jay

Erik Jacobson wrote:
I read your not.  I'm still going to see what Jay says about this.  If
he thinks we need to bring the PAGG and JOB patches up to date for 2.4.x,
I'd be happy to work on that.

Since CSA requires PAGG, in due course it would be appropriate to combine
the patches but I guess you can always append the patch files and run it
in one go.  What's the JOB patch?  I don't see it on the SGI project list.
(Actually your ftp server seems to hang episodically, particularly on IE).

I don't know anything about the web site hanging - sorry.

But here is the project page for PAGG and Job:

PAGG is sort of a generic patch for making kernel modules that need to
group processes together.  It provides callbacks that can notify your
kernel module when a process forks, execs, exits, etc.  It is not
specific to CSA - we have things at SGI that make use of PAGG but not
CSA and Job.

Job provides inescapable job containers.  It is one of the users of PAGG.
CSA uses both PAGG and Job.

Job on it's own could be useful, for example, for people writing batch
schedulers, where you want to track a job container that may contain multiple
processes and manage it (throttle it, etc).  Since a given job may need to
start other processes to do it's work, it is convenient to be able to
collect it together inside a container even if you're not interested in
running CSA.

I guess I'm trying to say that Job and especially PAGG stand on their own
for the most part...

I hope that helps.


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