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Re: Availability

To: Erik Jacobson <erikj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Availability
From: John Logsdon <j.logsdon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 14:54:13 +0100 (GMT)
Cc: Robin Holt <holt@xxxxxxx>, csa@xxxxxxxxxxx
In-reply-to: <Pine.SGI.4.53.0410150825310.1204715@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sender: csa-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx
Erik, Robin, all

Thanks for the immediate responses.  I was just composing a reply to
Robin's so I may as well put it all together.

It is the job and user based accounting that is very interesting in CSA
but other aspects of the implementation are more complete than the BSD
version. I will see what happens...

At the moment I have grsecurity-based accounting which is process based.
This has a lot of advantages for looking at individual programs and
reports elapsed and cpu times by UID, GID, EUID, EGID and parent process.
I may still retain that - it is hooked in a completely different place to
BSD so I suspect also to CSA so it shouldn't interfere.  The current grsec
kernel is 2.4.27 - there are one or two non-grsec security issues that
fixes over 2.4.26.  Other than the grsec parts, the kernel is vanilla and
I compile it without modules.

I don't want to use the 2.6 kernel as yet - while it has advantages for
example in the scheduler (I am using a Xeon-based box) it is a little too
early to use on a production system.  Maybe you bleeding-edge guys will
think differently but I have to be conservative in this application.  So
the real issue for me is 2.4.x and the .28 kernel is still in pre-release
phase.  Surely in time the 2.6 kernel will be fine.  I have a little time
to decide on this - process accounting is not required tomorrow but
probably before 2.6 takes over completely from 2.4.

Since CSA requires PAGG, in due course it would be appropriate to combine
the patches but I guess you can always append the patch files and run it
in one go.  What's the JOB patch?  I don't see it on the SGI project list.
(Actually your ftp server seems to hang episodically, particularly on IE).

Best wishes


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On Fri, 15 Oct 2004, Erik Jacobson wrote:

> > > The samre remarks for PAGG - which I gather you need for CSA anyway or are
> > > all the patches required in CSA?  And which PAGG patch anyway?
> > If you get it working, could you reply to the list with what you needed to
> > do?  If you get stuck, I can probably lend you a hand over the weekend.
> I'm going to let Jay answer this one as he may know the best pairing.  The
> PAGG patches for the most recent 2.6 kernels are a lot different than the
> 2.4 patches.
> If you were using fairly current 2.6 kernels, we'd just point you at the
> most recent PAGG and JOB patches.
> If it becomes necessary, we can look in to bringing the PAGG patch for 2.4
> up to speed with what we're doing for 2.6.
> --
> Erik Jacobson - Linux System Software - Silicon Graphics - Eagan, Minnesota

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