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Re: Setting up CSA

To: "Amey Pathak" <amey_pathak@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Setting up CSA
From: kohnke@xxxxxxx (Marlys Kohnke)
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 13:25:07 -0600
Cc: csa@xxxxxxxxxxx
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>I have Red Hat 6.2 with kernel version 2.2.16-3. I want to use CSA
>package,but the problem is that I can't upgrade to kernel 2.4.0 as I
>think that some of the applications running on my system may not work. I
>have a few queries ..
>a)Can upgrading the kernel to ver.2.4.0 may render some applications to
>be uncompatible?

     We have run RedHat 6.2 with Linux 2.4.0 kernels on our ia32 test 
machines without any problems.  I don't know about your applications.

>b)Is there some way I can run CSA without upgrading to kernel version

     No.  The kernel patches that are required to support CSA job accounting
are only available for Linux 2.4.x.  I will not be making Linux 2.2.x

>c)If (a) and (b) are not possible can some one suggest me some CSA type
>   accounting packages for Linux systems?

     Before starting the Linux CSA work, I looked around to see if
anyone else was providing or working on a job accounting package.  I
didn't find any.

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