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From John Davids

Subject: From John Davids
From: John Davids <lloydsinc1061@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 15:28:58 +0000
Importance: Normal
Reply-to: <lloydsinc2002@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Do not be offended if by any way this email is offensive to your personal being; well,my name is John Davids, I work with a reputable organisation here in London-England. I am contacting you based on investing certain amount of monies on properties allocation. For the fact that you do not know me does not mean you should discard this email, rather it gives a room why you and I should be business partners. Please note here that this venture is not in any form, way or likes with whatever you might have heard, neither received nor been through before. However, my main reasons for contacting you is to seek and reach a mutual agreement with you, thus needing your assistance in conveying certain amount of monies to you in your country; most of the monies would be utilized judiciously mostly on Properties.
This fund - US$38 Million which came to my notice after going through series of abandoned files of foreign account holder at my organisation; the peculiar file that got my attention was that of a Russian; Stoitckov Huroni, who I did some research on and found out he was an Oil tycoon from Tomsk, Russia. According to my findings, the deceased has been a reputable client to this organisation; After much findings on this Multimillionaire business oil tycoon, I decided to take it upon myself and find out much about this man; I found out he has no living relatives! I also discovered that he actually died in Jail due to his brutal arrest by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin; I decided to take this issue up and I met with some colleagues; we thus decided and agreed to transfer the fund into an escrow account pending till we find a trustworthy person or good firm with great business margin whose account we will transfer this fund for mutual. Reasons for this steps is to avoid a situation where at the end of this quarter, the top executives of this organisation will confiscate the account and diffuse this money among themselves because the President of Russia had made it known any foreign organisation accommodating funds of his political rivals would have herself to blame.
We also discovered the Russian President, Mr. Putin has held up and seized all monies lodged in foreign account by his political rival, and one of such people was the unfortunate Mr. Huroni. What we intend to do upon your acceptance is to use you as a Next of Kin of late Mr. Stoitckov Huroni and transfer this fund into your account and of which you would be greatly awarded in kind for your participation. Having stated the above, it will interest you to know that, there is no risk or whatsoever involved in this transaction hence we have perfected all modalities to make this a success while requesting for a catalogue of properties for sale in your country, for our study.
Should you be interested therefore, do contact me through my email address lloydsinc2002@xxxxxxxxxxx else ignore this message! You would be given more details upon your acceptance to be a foreign partner!!!
Best Regards,
John Davids
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