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Re: accelerating apache/QSC. (fwd)

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Subject: Re: accelerating apache/QSC. (fwd)
From: Alexander Leidinger <Alexander@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 13:03:43 +0200 (CEST)
Cc: apache@xxxxxxxxxxx
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On  7 Aug, tc lewis wrote:

> today i stumbled upon sgi's accelerating apache project and found it
> rather intriguing.  i've tried sgi's patches with apache 1.3.12
> successfully and notice slightly better returns on some simple benchmarks
> with apache's "ab" than with apache 1.3.12 alone.  is there a document
> anywhere that documents what changes sgi has made in the patches as an

I haven't found one last time I checked oss.sgi.com. If there's one, it
must be an SGI internal document.

> overview, or should i continue reading through the actual patch?

It seems that's the only way... perhaps you can document what you get
out of the patch? :-)

> this is on a linux/intel system.  redhat 6.2 operating system.  i've
> configured with:
> CFLAGS='-DUSE_QSC -D__i686__' ./configure 
> --prefix=/home/tcl/aptest/apache-sgi --enable-module=most 
> --enable-module=mmap_static
> the -D__i686__ is because gcc only seems to define __i386__, yet
> src/main/qsc.c checks for 486, 586, 686, or pentiumpro.  so that's my hack
> way of getting around that for now.  the rest should look familiar.

If you use gcc v 2.95.2 you can use -mpentium or -mpentiumpro instead
(-march=... should include -m..., but it didn't), it defines it for you.

You haven't included relevant parts of your apache.conf (I didn't use
the QSC, so I can't comment further).


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