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Open Source

This site is powered by the SGITM 1400 (code name ``CloudBurst''), a powerful SGI departmental server.

The SGI 1400 series machines support 1 to 4 500MHz Intel Pentium III Xeon ® CPUs, 512K, 1M or 2M bytes of secondary cache, up to 4G bytes of memory, seven PCI slots, six Ultra2 SCSI hot-swappable drive bays and redundant power supplies. The system supports either Linux ® (SGI 1400L) or Windows NT® (SGI 1400M) as a pre-installed and fully supported operating system.

This specific SGI 1400L server is running the SGI Linux distribution which is based on the Red Hat ® distribution with some enhancements and kernel patches.

SGI's policy regarding Linux kernel development is completely open. We post our patches on the Linux kernel mailing list and release all of them under the GPL (GNU General Public License) with no strings attached.

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds