Managing Accurate Date and Time

Avi Alkalay

Linux, Open Standards consultant :: Senior IT and Software Architect
IBM Linux Impact Team ::

Brad Knowles - Suggestion to use and NTP's stratum 2 public time servers

Kent Borg - Suggestion to use ntpq instead of ntpdc

Yura Moron - Good explanations on ntpq and ntpdc info

Takeo Nakano - Japanese translation

1.0.5 :: 2003-07-05

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Table of Contents
1. Computer Global Date and Time Concept
2. What are Time Zones?
2.1. Daylight Savings Time
2.2. Time Zones Examples
2.3. Time Zone Mechanism on Linux
3. The Correct Settings for Your Linux Box
3.1. Setting Time Zone
3.2. Setting the Hardware Clock
4. Accurate Global Time Synchronization
4.1. NTP: The Network Time Protocol
4.2. Building a Simple Time Synchronization Architecture
4.3. NTP Configurations
4.4. Watching Your Box Synchronizing
4.5. Configure to Automatically Run NTP at Boot
A. About this Document