LILO, Linux Crash Rescue HOW-TO

Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan)


v10.9, 03 May 2003

This document discusses methods to recover from Linux system failures. Various reasons for linux system failures can be - LILO is destroyed, or linux fails to boot, or Master Boot Record (MBR) is damaged or linux fails to boot when another operating system like Windows NT is installed which erases LILO or MBR.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Tiny Floppy Linux
1.2. Tiny Pocket CDROM Linux
2. Crash Recovery
2.1. Preparation Tips
2.2. Using Linux CDROM In Rescue Mode
2.3. Quick Steps to recovery
2.4. Precautionary measures
2.5. Removing LILO
2.6. Common mistakes
3. Disk Partition Rescue
3.1. Partition Repair Tools
3.2. GPart Utility
3.3. Partition Rescue Mini-Howto
4. Related URLs
5. Other Formats of this Document
5.1. Acrobat PDF format
5.2. Convert Linuxdoc to Docbook format
5.3. Convert to MS WinHelp format
5.4. Reading various formats
6. Copyright