Deciding if Linux is Right for You

Rahul Sundaram


January 2003

Revision History
Revision 1.02003-04-22Revised by: RS
Initial release, reviewed by LDP.

This HOWTO to is meant for you if you are considering the Linux operating system, or wondering whether Linux has what you want in comparison to what you are currently using.

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Table of Contents
1. About this document
1.1. New versions of this HOWTO
1.2. Feedback and corrections
2. Introduction to Linux
2.1. History of Linux development
2.2. Is Linux Right for you
2.3. Acquiring the software
2.4. Distributions
2.5. Application,Tools and Utilities
2.6. Additional Resources
3. Comparison of Linux with MS-DOS, Windows 9x and NT
3.1. Linux Vs MS-DOS
3.2. Linux vs. Windows 9x and NT
3.3. Additional resources
4. Similar Windows and Linux Applications
4.1. Internet Applications
4.2. Multimedia Applications and Games
4.3. Miscellaneous applications.
4.4. Additional resources
5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. Useful resources for New users
7. Acknowledgements